Washington Gladden

Social Justice LEGENDS Exhibit

In May 2022, a custom-designed, 100’ mural became the latest artwork to be displayed at Jeffrey Plaza of the Washington Gladden Social Justice Park.  The mural is composed of over 160 names of past social justice leaders and includes more than 50 terms or slogans identifying various social justice issues or causes.  Formation Studio of Columbus created the unique design that wove designated names and words to form the letters:  J–U–S–T–I–C–E  that can be seen a block away.  Park volunteers with initial support of the staff of the Columbus Metropolitan Library conducted the research to identify a representative sample of social justice trailblazers from Central Ohio whose notable community service spans over 200 years.  The mural is on display for 2022-2024.

Social Justice LEGENDS Resources

To learn more about the LEGENDS identified in the mural, please use this link for an alphabetical listing of their names and a brief description outlining the leadership they offered for specific social issues.

A study guide to be entitled:  “Who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” is in development to compliment this major artwork.  You are invited to use the following link to the park’s Facebook page to join others in sharing additional names for this project.  They should be individuals who are no longer living, who have a connection to Central Ohio, and who offered great leadership for one or more social justice issues.  Please provide a brief description of their community service work to advance specific social justice causes.