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The Washington Gladden Social Justice Park Fund is established as an organizational endowment fund to provide for the construction, future development, and maintenance of the park including its facilities, equipment, landscaping, artworks, programs, and administration; and to include endowments that will ensure the sustainability of the park, its artworks, and programs.

To make a gift online, click the "donate" button to the right for the Columbus Fund's online portal for the Washington Gladden Social Justice Park Fund. 

To make a gift by check to the Washington Gladden Social Justice Park Fund, please use the following address:


Washington Gladden Social Justice Park Fund

c/o The Columbus Foundation

Attention: Mr. Steven Moore

1234 East Broad Street

Columbus, Ohio  43205

Additional Gifts

Two additional donation contributions are available. First, trees within the park can be dedicated to a group, social justice theme, family member, or social justice inspirational figure. Second, stones along the Pathway to Social Justice may be purchase and dedicated. Both forms are included below. Please print the forms, fill them out, and then follow the mailing directions included on the form.

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